Science behind Be in Love Hair Growth Products by Irina Bilka

There is a magical science behind Be in Love's Hair Root Growth Spray and Hair Growth Oil by Irina Bilka. We can explain in precise detail how exactly our products work and what technology we use!

AMINO ACIDS are the “building blocks” of protein.

Amino acids bond together to make larger molecules called polypeptides. Proteins are polypeptides: long, coiled chains of amino acids. An average protein contains approximately 350 amino acids. There are two types of proteins: SIMPLE AND COMPLEX

While simple proteins are easily digested and let out amino acids into the blood stream, the complex proteins are harder and often impossible to digest. Keratin is an important example of an insoluble, complex protein. Keratin is made from eighteen different amino acids.

Our GROWTH ROOT SPRAY contains 5 complex proteins that are rich in amino acids such as SOY, WHEAT, SERINE, THREONINE and ARGININE HCI ( one of the most important amino acids in Keratin). We have also added a protein that is called HYDROLYZED ADANSONIA DIGITA SEED EXTRACT. This protein comes from BAOBAB tree “African Tree of LIFE”. This protein is rich in amino acids that help promote healthy hair, damage recovery, nourishment and strength.

Protein deficiency can lead to thin, sparse, brittle hair that loses its color, curl, density and may lead to complete hair loss. During poor diets, the hair follicle makes hair that is low in amino acids that gives hair its weakness.

We formulated our GROWTH ROOT SPRAY rich in complex proteins that is full of amino acids to give the nutrition your hair follicles are missing for hair growth. Our formula is sprayed directly on the scalp and by massaging it in, it penetrates into the skin to the hair follicle to promote new hair growth and reduce hair loss while increasing its strength.