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Unlock your hairs full potential, experience faster hair growth and discover the secret to luscious locks with our all-natural hair products

At Be in Love, “self care” is more than just a trendy figure of speech. It is a commitment to helping others look and feel their best. It is a deep awareness of the chain reaction of goodness that stretches out beyond an individual when they are empowered to show up in the world as their best selves. 


After 18 years in the hair industry, Owner and Founder of Be in Love, Irina Bilka, has observed and worked with thousands of people of all different hair types. Over the years one common, undeniable truth continued to surface. Many people struggle with slow hair growth and maintaining the health of their hair. Concerns such as dryness, breakage, slow growth, and thinning hair were abundant. Irina found herself wanting to do more for her clients, make a bigger difference, and give back to the industry that stole her heart nearly two decades ago. She dreamed of starting a product line. 


In early 2020, while so many experienced massive shifts in the way we live and work, Irina knew that there was no “perfect” time yet no time to wait to get started on her dream. She put her knowledge to work and created a product line for all hair types that focused on promoting growth and restoring the integrity, strength, and overall health of the hair. Soon after, Be in Love was born. 


Be in Love proudly provides all natural, cruelty free products that are handcrafted in the US for all people with all hair types in mind. We believe that everyone deserves to Be in Love with their hair.

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